Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Another weird killer possibility
From: (David G. Durand)
Date: 1990-10-12, 15:15

   The LA Times story about Bob possibly having handcuffs on made me think that
if he were trying to save Laura (or at least not trying to kill her), there's
an obvious other killer present -- Ronnette.
   I don't know if I buy this, but here are a few ideas:
   *  Bob is such an obvious killer at this point that it can't be him.
   *  Ronette has had sex with Laura -- could she have gotten jealous or
   carried away during their "traincar games"?
   *  We see only one unambiguous act of violence by Bob, when he hits someone
   with the hammer. From the medical reports we know that Laura died from
   many small wounds, while Ronette was hit with a blunt object.
   * Bob's cry at the end seems much more anguished than triumphant.
   None of this has to make Bob into a "good guy," indeed given Laura's tastes
he probably isn't a normal kind of guy. On the other hand he might not be
the actual murderer.

  David G. Durand

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