Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Laura's murder
From: (Douglas Reece)
Date: 1990-10-12, 09:44

I guess it's obvious by the variety of conjectures posted here that Lynch
hasn't given us sufficient clues to know just what happened the night Laura
died.  For example, we don't really have any idea why someone would kill
both Theresa Banks and Laura (I assume from the letters that the murders are
indeed connected).  We don't know enough about Theresa Banks to connect her
solidly with any character.  We don't know why anyone would write "Fire walk
with me" in blood and leave it in the train car.  We don't know why anyone
would be undertaking a program of murders to spell out, say, 

Having said that, I'll offer my speculations about Laura's death.

I agree that BOB is a psychological demon created by molestation or other
trauma in Laura's past.  It is pretty clear in the diary that BOB is not a
real person.  The same wild man (Ted Nugen?) is seen in visions by vaious
people because the women in Sarah's family are strongly psychic.  However,
there was a real third man at Jacqiue's cabin, who had sex with Laura
somewhere.  I think this man was the serial killer, and was weird enough to
write the note, wrap Laura in plastic, and put a letter under her
fingernail. I think Laura was willing to play this man's games because she
liked it, and perhaps wanted to die.

And now a wild guess about the letters:  They are the first letters of the
victim's names.  The killer wanted to or thought he was killing Ronnette,
but Laura took her place because she wanted to.  This means in the next
episode, if the new letter comes from a fresh murder victim, a B person will
die: Ben?  Bob?  BOB?  Bobbie?  ... Blackie? (but not _ Briggs, _ Brennan)