Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: another Andy theory
From: andy@pangea.Stanford.EDU (Andy Michael USGS Guest)
Date: 1990-10-12, 11:25

In article <> (Warren Smith [Randy]) writes:
> >I don't regularly watch tp, but a column in the local paper made
> >clever joke if its true...
> >
> >Some supporting clues are mentioned - the rock hitting Andy in the
> >head when Cooper is trying to deduce the murderer.  Andy's changes
> >in behavior (mentioned in this group previously).  And a few others.
> >

The problem with the Andy theories is that every possible clue about
Andy can (or has been) explained away with much easier explanations
(e.g. Andy cries at the sight of Laura : Andy cried at the last murder
      Andy is shown near a poster of Killer Bob: how else are we to
      see the police putting up posters.  Andy is the natural for this
      Andy gets hit by the rock, it hit the tree first, maybe the tree
      did it, how about the bottle?
      "It's Andy.  Agent cooper, it's Andy": it was Andy on the phone.
      Changes in behavior: wouldn't you act different after lots of
      range practice and after your girlfriend cheats on you?
      The crackling tape=fire theory : is there anything in this show
      that someone hasn't turned into a symbol yet?)
If he has a motive, it is pretty well hidden at this point.
If it is Andy, we have been shown very little so far.
                    and besides
People named Andy are just too damn nice to do this -Andy Michael