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Subject: Re: creamed corn!
From: msmiller@gonzoville.Eng.Sun.COM (Mark Miller)
Date: 1990-10-12, 08:57
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In article <3775@wrgate.WR.TEK.COM>, spass@midas.WR.TEK.COM (Spass
Stoiantcschewsky) writes:

|>damn, i think i'd be more than a little concerned if my "equipment" 
|>picked up "heavy psychic activity." i mean men *do* get led astray
|>by their gear, but psychic activity *is* a bit much.  the major 
|>seems rather calm about this...and just how do you spool *that* to 
|>a printer...i think you are off the track.

The Major says they just scan for junk from space. And he gets this
strange message for Cooper. I'm not about to buy space critters as a
useful theory, so it must be from somewhere else. Since the message
was already delivered to Cooper, the fact that it got picked up on
the Major's gear was probably an acidental side-effect. Or not.

|> [...]
|>if this is what lynch is doing, it is a masterpiece of delivery.
|>then again, overly analyzing these twin peaks episodes is a hazard
|>beyond all imagining...enjoy them...but i expect that lynch will have
|>a resolution to all this that is firmly rooted in reality, so i'm striving
|>to justify these things without star trek or voodoo tie ins.

Psychic phenomina aren't all that farfetched. Consider that at least
3 people have had visions of BOB. This isn't your run of the mill (sic)
kind of thing, so something is going on up there.

|>>I think Leland's reaction to BOB's picture, and Ronnette's recollection
|>>kind of let Leland off the hook. Which doesn't make him any more sane.
|>>Maybe it's Coop's ex-partner. Sheesh what a mess.
|>no way it's cooper's ex-partner, cooper would have recognized him from
|>his dreams/visions of BOB.  Cooper's ex-partner is the next major story

Well, Cooper's ex-partner isn't BOB. That doesn't mean he isn't the killer.
Which is a theory I doubt, now that I think about it some more.

|>contrary to popular opinion, i think laura's murder is nearing a solution.
|>i think leland is out of the picture, as are leo, jacques, bobby and shelly
|>(leo *will* wake up with donuts hanging on his ears in some later episode).
|>ben and jerry are both slippery characters but i don't think they are the 

I tend to agree. I get the feeling that Lynch's solution will not be
supernatural, but it will be pretty sordid.

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