Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Kid BOB
From: (Chris Lang)
Date: 1990-10-12, 14:52

In article <> (Luis Ramos) writes:
> >The BOB that Leland saw in his childhood could have been the 
> >father of the current BOB. Didn't the kid magician look like
> >David Lynch?

Yeah, odd, that.  But let's move on to more important matters, like
how the song "Mairzy Doats" goes, or what the kid is saying in French.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, people.  READ the responses to an article before
responding yourself.  Yes, I *know* that there are a lot of responses to
most of the articles, but blindly posting another one makes it worse for
*all* of us.  (I'm not directing this at Luis, since for all I know he's
being facetious, but this trend seems to be growing exponentially as we
progress into the second season.)  There is getting to be so much noise
here that the truly interesting and informational articles are getting lost
in the Mairzy Doats/Lynch's kid/French translation babble.  Just in case
there's anybody out there who HASN'T seen it 20 times:

1.  The song is "Mairzy Doats".  It is pronounced like "Mares eat oats."  You
can guess the rest.

2.  The kid look like Lynch because it's his son.  Genetics is a marvelous

3.  Nobody is positive what the kid is saying in French, but everyone posting
their translations 10 times isn't going to clear it up.  If the closed
caption is to be believed, it translates to, I believe, "I have a solitary
soul".  (Correct?)

Now, can we stop pointing these out for the n-th time?



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