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Subject: Re: More *SPOILERS* for next week (Pinhead Geeks), TV Guide
From: (H. Morrow Long)
Date: 1990-10-12, 08:53

In article <>, (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
|> In article <>, (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes...
|> } From next week's TV Guide:
|> [deleted]
|> You forgot one. In the "Highlights" sidebar on the page prior to the

	Sneak speaks, codebreaks, and shrieks a bleak squeak.
	Weak tweaked beaks wreak streak?

There is yet a third reference to TP in next weeks TV GUIde.
In TV Guide Plus there was a blurb about a PI (private detective)
on the West Coast (CA?) who claims that the phrase 
'Fire...walk with me' is well known in satanic circles.

Mark Frost says in the blurb that neither he or David knows anything
about this and they certainly didn't try to put it in as 
a satanic reference.

I can just see fundamentalist groups rallying against TP and lawyers
using TP in court as a reason some 14 year old became a satan-
worshiper and killed someone ("After he watched Twin Peaks Saturday night
he went out to find an abandoned rail road car, built a dirt mound circled
by candles, kidnapped a girl and sacrified her there).

And Dark Shadows is coming back after a 18 year hiatus, more occult
references on TV for the morality groups to try to censor.

SAAATTTTAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!  Saaatttaannnn killed Laura Palmer. - The Church Lady

				H. Morrow Long