Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More Circumstantial Evidence that Leland did it (10/6)
From: (Patricia O Tuama)
Date: 1990-10-12, 22:40

In article <> (Capt. Frank A. Lauro) writes:
> >} >Given that the concept of a "split personality" was invented by 
> >} >Hollywood and does not exist in real life, it almost seems rather 
> >} >pointless to speculate on who has one and why.....
> >You obviously know nothing about abnormal psychology.  

Oh?  Obviously I know enough about abnormal psychology to know that 
what the public calls a "split personality" or "dual nature" simply
does not exist.  A number of people have described Laura has having
a "split personality," ie, a good side (Laura) and an evil or dark
side (BOB) and that that condition has no basis in reality.  

> > 		Multiple personality 
> >disorder is a very rare neurosis, but it most certainly does exist outside
> >Hollywood 

Indeed.  But I didn't say MPD doesn't exist -- I said the "split 
personality" does not exist.  Furthermore, I doubt very much whether 
Laura is suffering from MPD since persons with that disorder almost 
always have considerably more than just -two- personalities. 

Btw, there's an interesting analysis of MI/psychiatrists in movies
in either the January or February 1988 issue of the American Jour-
nal of Psychiatry.