Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: THE TWIN PEAKS SOLUTION (serious)
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-10-12, 15:06

In article (John Clayton Webster) writes:
> >
> >Unfortunately, a very strong spolier is required here.  
[vampire theory]

No need for a spoiler warning, we've seen vampire, demon, and evil spirit 
theories before.  I've accepted that BOB is some form of the above long ago, 
and all my theories have operated under this assumption.   The question is, 
who is BOB, or who is BOB inside, or is BOB just BOB? :)

> >BOB exists.  BOB has existed for a very long time.
> >Leland knew of him when he was quite young. He looks the same. 
> >BOB is not and never has been a hallucination.
> >BOB was actually there.

[there are going to be diary spoilers throughout this post]
This is my belief too.  I think BOB can only actively do things
in this world at night.  ("things" might include possession,
taking people to the other strange world, etc...)
He primarily influences people during their dreams.
It's unclear if BOB is only a spirit, capable of possessing others,
or if BOB has his own physical body in this world.

He can appear to people in visions any old time though, like
what maddy sees, sarah sees, Laura sees after her abortion,
when she goes back on drugs, etc...  I don't think BOB is actually
there when this happens, but is projecting his image.

> >BOB isn't the result of something weak about the people that 'see'
> >him. (i.e. drugs, severe stress, etc) Their weaknesses are the result
> >of BOB.

BOB is expert on preying on peoples fears and weaknesses, and does
create some new ones.  (c.f. the entire diary).  BOB indirectly inspires 
Laura to do sick, bad things, by psychologically tormenting her.
BOB makes her feel so bad, she feels like she belongs doing bad things.
BOB also does perverted things and gives her perverted ideas beyond the 
norm for someone her age (starting at age 12 or earlier).
Laura also is a bad influence on others, spreading evil in her own right.

> >BOB lives in a different world, in a parallel world, spirtual world,
> >. 

Absolutely, positively.  He can come and go between them at night.
The connection between this strange world and the woods is >extreme<.
I can't emphasize that enough.  There is a portal to this world
in Laura's window.  Perhaps Maddie found one downstairs too.
I think this other world is smack in the middle of the woods.
(where jacques cabin, the log lady, pearl lakes are)

> >[one armed mike]

I just posted an extensive review of mike, so I won't repeat it.
I do think there is a strong connection between BOB and Mike of
some kind.  They know each other on some level. (I don't think BOB = mike)

> >One (of many) running themes in Twin Peaks is the presence of Owls.
> >They are mentioned in many cryptic seemingly random statements.  The
> >best is perhaps provided by the jolly green giant. The owls are not
> >what they seem. They aren't. Read some shapechanging lore on owls.

"Owls are sometimes big"  -- log lady.  I don't think it's a matter
of shapechanging myself.  I think a spirit is wandering from possessing
an owl to a human.  I guess that sounds pretty hokey huh. :)

> >The owls are vampires.

They're something, that's for sure.  I think something that is important
to mention is that we should assume there is more than one weird "owl".
Perhaps the other owls are minions of BOB.  Candidates for Minions
of BOB might include One armed Mike, Sarah, Ben, Jerry, Leland, more 
recently Maddy, and less likely Donna.  We have reason to suspect that 
Laura's dream spirit hangs out in owls sometimes. (hoot hoot, pg. 7) 
Owls's told BOB about some sick things Laura did in the woods.  I 
personally don't think any of them are good, and I don't think the 
giant is an owl.  (giant is a tree, see page 47)  An owl nearly kills Laura.  
The owls are the evil in the woods.

> >BOB cuts Laura
> >Laura died of a lack of blood.
> >Laura was not a "full" vampire.
> >Laura KNEW she was going to die.

The cuts were never on her neck.  They were between her legs and 
inside her mouth.  (except when she dies, when they are all over)
Though I originally thought of BOB as a vampire, I now think of him 
in terms of demonic possession.  The vampire idea is an excellent one, 
and it works, but your evidence points just as well to my demonic 
possession thinking.  The differences are very trivial though...
We clearly are thinking along the same lines.

Laura did know she was going to die.  My sense is that Laura
had some kind of plan that no one knew about, not even her diary. :)
She was planning some kind of deal, or confrontation with BOB.
My wild guess is that Laura did this right before BOB was almost
finished making Laura a good host for him.  Perhaps it
was a trade, or a final challenge to BOB.  (diary mentions both)

> >Evil in the woods. The secret society. All the Mysticism.
> >I'm barely scratching the surface.
> >
> >I don't know the whole scoop on the plastiwrapped corpse, or the reason
> >for letters hidden away under fingernails. 

Sounds more demonic than vampiric to me.  Same w/ "fire walk with me", 
the appearance and words of BOB, and Laura's perception of what is happening
to her.  I won't catalogue all the examples.  Again our ideas are more
similar than disparate though.

> >Perhaps it is a cult of vampires.  Perhaps it is just a vampire's helper 
> >setting things up...
> >
> >Wouldn't it be sweet if Ben and Jerry were vampires? I suppose a more
> >likely minion would be Josie, eh?

If it's demonic possession, the idea that BOB was inside the 3rd man
against their will, and possibly without their knowledge, then to me 
it is Leland.  (I have tonnnns of evidence for this)

If the 3rd man, the one BOB is in or turns into, knows who BOB is and 
has full knowledge and cooperation with his actions then BOB = Ben.
(lots of evidence for Ben too)

Or BOB could just be BOB.

Michael Kaye  Bursting my jeans for the good of mankind
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relax would you? ... So your mother saw photos of you licking the
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were enjoying yourself.  Is this true?"
  I've never been more afraid than I am this very minute.
  I didn't even realize I was sleeping when that was written... was I?
  Shit this is too weird, just a little too weird.
  Was BOB here?  Was BOB inside...
  I won't even think it.          --Laura