Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Ratings
From: (Chris Lang)
Date: 1990-10-12, 14:18

In article <> (RANDY S WELCH) writes:
> >Or go over to FOX... ( I can see it now :  "The home of The Simpsons &
> >Twin Peaks )

I wouldn't mind this a bit.  FOX would probably give Lynch/Frost all the
control they want, within boundaries that are far outside what the other
three networks would set (case in point, Married With Children).  And FOX
also seems to be more willing to let shows that aren't smash hits in the
ratings have a longer run than the other networks would, both of which are
great plusses as far as Twin Peaks is concerned.

Besides, my miserable TV pulls in WKBD (FOX) far better than WXYZ (ABC). 

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