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Subject: Re: Who Sang The Song?
From: dan@GNU.AI.MIT.EDU
Date: 1990-10-12, 19:29

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(Kathleen Hunt) writes:

[re: James, Maddy and Donna's song]

> >What WAS the deal with this?

Well you see, it's like this.  On cartoons, teenagers who solve mysteries
frequently have a band.  Indeed, teenagers on TV shows in general
tend to have bands.  The Brady Bunch had a band sometimes.  The Partridge
Family had a band.  Many cartoon shows such as "The Hardy Boys" (from the early
seventies, not the live-action show with Parker Stevenson) fell into
the "teenagers who solve mysteries who are in a band" category.  If
james and Maddy DO solve the mystery then BOB might well say:
"And I would have done it, if it hadn't been for those meddling
kids!!"  This makes perfect sense.

> >Others have pointed out:
> >1)  James' weird falsetto

He likes Frankie Valli (sp?)?  Makes sense for a kid seemingly stuck in the
fifties/early sixties.

> >2) Stooopid lyrics, unnecessary reverb, general shoddy artistic quality

Angelo Badalamenti likes reverb.  Shoddy?  I wouldn't say so.  I thought
it had a certain eerie charm.  Not exactly rock 'n' roll, but still...

> >3) Bass & drums coming out of thin air

Just for effect.  The role that music plays in the show is curious. Sometimes
the soundtrack music seems to come from radios (as with Shelley and Bobby on 
the last episode), performers (as in the Roadhouse sequence) etc.  It's
just part of the general surrealism.

> >4) Why were they doing this anyway?

Who, the characters or the creators?  The characters were doing it
because they felt like it.  They can't plot and scheme all day long.  
Dramatically, the purpose seemed to be as a kind of weird lead-in to 
Killer Bob's appearance.

> >5) The magic lipstick

I don't know what this is in reference to.

> >And I'd like to add:
> >5) How come we kept hearing Donna singing for a few seconds AFTER
> >she ran away?

Maddy has a loud voice?  I dunno.  Sounded like Julee Cruise anyway.
Cheap lip-sync is always a risk.

I don't know why some people hated this sequence so much.  I think 
James, Donna and Maddy are, like I said, acting like the type of
cartoon characters on adventure shows that I used to love.  Time and time
again critics have pointed out that David Lynch's stuff has the feel of
a silly Hardy Boys-type adventure.  It does.  (I can just see the flames now.
"How dare you compare this Great Work of Art to the HARDY BOYS??").  No
really.  Think about it. Meddling kids, solving mysteries.  I used
to love stuff like that growing up.  David Lynch has taken this and
viewed it through his own peculiar lens and come up with one of the
many facets that make up the show.  Of course they have a band!

- Dan

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