Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Request: Satellite info
From: rbn@Apple.COM (Robert B. Neville)
Date: 1990-10-12, 20:29

I've been given conflicting wit,

	a) Twin Peaks is uplinked by satellite on Saturday afternoon,
	b) Twin Peaks is NOT uplinked by satellite on Saturday afternoon.

Can someone please tell me if TP *is*, in fact, uplinked? I'm able to watch the
New York feed at 7pm Left-Coast time, but I'd not mind getting TP even sooner.

Also, I'm STILL looking for an FTP site for TP GIF files...any clues?

While I'm here, a thought/theory: Could the 'house' Major Briggs spoke of be a
Twin Peaks metaphor? (I know, I know...too much symbolism...but this DID come
from a vision, and visions are SUPPOSED to be chock full o' symbols.) Someone
mentioned Mark Frost speaking of a 'doorway' to another part of TP...Briggs 
spoke of 'added rooms, so seamlessly added to the house that you couldn't 
distinguish them from the orignal house' (heavily paraphrased...I haven't gone
back to check the exact quote). [ case anyone is confused...the
reference is the 9/30 premiere, Major Briggs' conversation with Bobby.]
Just a thought...could the 'original' house be TP in a 'natural' state, and the
'additions' to the house be the 'evil plane'?

Andy shot the mynah bird 'cause he knew he'd talk.
Lucy is actually Diane from Brandeis, with a whole lot of plastic surgery and
a new attitude.
Dale Cooper actually hates coffee, but is just tryin' to be sociable.

Oops...another semi-serious thing to ponder ('semi' because it IS, after all,
a freakin' TELEVISION SHOW): Is there something in Albert's past that made him
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hostile? I think psychology-types will back me up on
don't grow that way in a happy, harmonious, Cleaver household. Will BOB be able
to play on whatever lurks in Albert's shadows? (Long shot speculation: if
Albert (Rosenfield) *is* Jewish, was he persecuted as a child and will we see
BOB [or anyone else, for that matter] use this to get to Albert?)
Disclaimer: After she told me where she'd been, I felt bad. I should have never
have said those things. Somehow I feel as if I'll never find a way to make it
up to her. Some assembly required. Her father knew what I meant, but wouldn't
say a thing to her. Apply to infected area. I watched her with him, and I just
wanted to scream. Void where prohibited. The way she held him, the way she 
touched him, the way he touched HER. Your mileage may vary. It was like a knife
driven with slow, evil deliberation deep into my soul. Sometimes ya gotta break
the rules. She could feel my pain as a tree feels the wind...but she didn't
bend. Contents packed by weight, not by volume. The Surgeon General is both a
surgeon and a general -- so watch it.