Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: THE TWIN PEAKS SOLUTION (serious)
From: (John Clayton Webster)
Date: 1990-10-12, 01:51

Spoiler Disclaimer:

Unfortunately, a very strong spolier is required here.  My fanatical
friends and I honestly believe this explaination to be true.  It does
not explain all the happenings of twin peaks nor will it try to.  We
have viewed enough videotape as it stands.  We don't feel the need to
watch another twelve hours with clipboards in our hands and laughing
at all the subtle references imbedded in the script.

You may seriously choose to not read any further, and even (hard as it
may be for some of you) not read this group for a while.  I stopped
reading the posts for five days and I had over six hundred new ones
waiting for me.  It might be a hard burden for some.  I suggest that
you consider how you may feel after reading on.

After reading many of the latest posts, only a few came close but just
kinda missed it.  Again, I am fairly certain of our conclusion... even
though it is three in the morning.  I feel oblidged to tell this

						Clay Webster

Procede with caution.

End of Spolier.
Begining of blank (wait-a-minute-what-am-i-doing) space.

End of blank (wait-a-minute-what-am-i-doing) space.

The Begining.

As I said earlier, I wont be sitting through another TP marathon with
this new theory. My statements aren't meant to be proofs. Nor will I
attempt to prove something in a television show where there could
easily be space aliens traveling back in time. (No that is not the

My friend, Joe Miklojcik, had been leafing through the Diary of Laura
Palmer this evening over in my apartment.  He had read it previously.
I have not read it in its entirely.  He was struck with the notion,
not I.  But it does fit VERY well.  I shall elaborate.

BOB exists.  BOB has existed for a very long time. 
Leland knew of him when he was quite young. He looks the same. 

BOB is not and never has been a hallucination.
BOB was actually there.

BOB isn't the result of something weak about the people that 'see'
him. (i.e. drugs, severe stress, etc) Their weaknesses are the result
of BOB.

BOB lives in a different world, in a parallel world, spirtual world,

As "Wild at Heart" was a surreally sane look at the world through the
pages of the "Wizard of Oz", "Twin Peaks" is the macabre view through
twin canines of the legend of vampires.  (Read on, if you didn't drop
your jaw.)

(Gee, I wonder what Lynch's favorite books are?)

I just read someone's post including the definitions of owl.  I
believe one of the definitions fits a vampire quite well.  Also,
recall Cooper's announcement to the leaders of the community. The
murders happened at night. Keep the children inside...  Sound like

BOB is and has been a vampire.

MIKE (as in, "Different Mike, different Bob.") was or was becoming a
vampire. Although the careful observer will note MIKE was in the
hospital elevator in the [first] season premire. I really haven't
evaluated MIKE yet. Although, he certainly sold Leo a needed new pair
of 'shoes'.

One (of many) running themes in Twin Peaks is the presence of Owls.
They are mentioned in many cryptic seemingly random statements.  The
best is perhaps provided by the jolly green giant. The owls are not
what they seem. They aren't. Read some shapechanging lore on owls.

The owls are vampires.

Readers of the Diary (which may be revealed to the tv audience
modestly soon) will notice instances of very odd statements concerning
her being an owl, BOB being an owl, flight, etheralness, BOB 'cutting'
her, etc.

Laura died of a lack of blood.

Laura was not a "full" vampire.

Laura KNEW she was going to die.

Again, as "Wild at Heart" depicted many characters as roles from the
"Wizard of Oz", "Twin Peaks" characters can be paired with the all too
varying names and charaters of vampire tales, most importantly the
SERIES "Dracula".

Quick observations can show parallels to Dracula's adversaries,
victims, and minions. BOB, Laura, Ronnette, Cooper, Truman, etc.  Just
get a list of the two and play matching columns.  I think even the
autistic kid matches up.

Evil in the woods. The secret society. All the Mysticism.

I'm barely scratching the surface.

I don't know the whole scoop on the plastiwrapped corpse, or the reason
for letters hidden away under fingernails. (The plastiwrapping must
have been a M.O. for the murder without the fingernail letter. Cooper
came because of it. Not because of 1 murder.)  Perhaps it is a cult of
vampires.  Perhaps it is just a vampire's helper setting things up...

Wouldn't it be sweet if Ben and Jerry were vampires? I suppose a more
likely minion would be Josie, eh?

Have a nice day.

Clay Webster 

PS: Sorry if I'm wrong, sorry if I'm right.

    Can't wait for Laura's corpse to disappear!