Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Mr. Tashihara
From: (William Sherman)
Date: 1990-10-24, 12:37

In article <> (Tom Chiang) writes:
>...why does everyone keep saying Mr. "Tashihara"...the way his name
>was pronounced by the desk clerk was more like Tajemoora...i haven't
>checked the credits but maybe someone can clear this up...
I don't think he was in the credits at all. As for the pronunciation,
I vote for 'Tajiwara' or 'Tajewara'. Which reminds me of one of my
favorite songs from my childhood up at Pearl Lakes. Hit it, Gersten!

"I say Tajiwara, you say Tajemura,
I say 'One chants out', you say 'One chance out',
Tajiwara, Tajemura, 'One chants out', 'One chance out',
Let's call the whole thing off." Dee doop-dee doop doo....
(thud of body falling to floor in a faint)

Sorry, I had an attack of Leland-itis, commonly known as 'Happy Feet'.

By the way, can we stop using nonexistent words like 'alot'? Thank you.
I hate that. Also, 'everyday' is not an adverb, contrary to popular

>> Bill Sherman <<
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