Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Mr. Tashihara
From: wwd@cellar.UUCP (Bill Donahue)
Date: 1990-10-26, 04:49

In article <> (Tom Chiang) writes:
>...why does everyone keep saying Mr. "Tashihara"...the way his name
>was pronounced by the desk clerk was more like Tajemoora...i haven't
>checked the credits but maybe someone can clear this up...
In today's USA Today, it is spelled as "Tojimura"
It is disclosed that "Mr T" is NOT Catherine.

Also BOB will be disclosed on Nov 10th (mark your calendars!)

Quotes from USA Today:
"Frost likens this Tojimura to a new-wave 'samurai hero, a yakuza
(Japanese mafia)'"

"...all Yamaguchi [the actor] would say - through an interpreter -
was that his character is 'very colorful, dangerous and romantic ...
with an original way of expressing his desires. There are many
faces and sides to his character.'"