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Subject: The ORIGINAL Mysterious Asian Gentleman (Re: Josie did it)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-10-26, 22:57

In article <>, (Brian McClendon) writes...
} This comment reminded me of the fact that in the first season, 2nd to
} last episode, Cooper sees an Asian gentleman checking into the the
} Great Northern (room 315?). This man is older and and more business-like
} in appearance than Jonathon.

Actually, it was Audrey that saw him checking in, not Cooper. It was after
she left the note under Cooper's door.

} Are we to believe they are one and the same and that DL just couldn't
} get the same actor for the second season? Or are they different people
} and we should be worrying about this guy we haven't seen in 5 hours/days?

Back when that episode first aired, there was an article posted here that
came from a newspaper article claiming that that MAG was a detective from
Hong Kong who was on Josie's trail. Either that article was wrong, or
Lynch & Frost changed their minds, or his is not the same character as
Jonathan. It's definitely a different actor, though.


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