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Subject: Re: Mr. Tojimura
From: maus@Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin)
Date: 1990-10-29, 07:24

In article <> writes:
>According to today's issue of _USA Today_, the mysterious oriental man
>is "Mr. Tojimura", played by Fumio Yamaguchi. The actor is quoted as
>saying the character is "very colorful, dangerous and romantic... with
>an original way of expressing his desires. There are many faces and
>sides to his character." Frost is quoted, saying the character "involves
>a long-running revenge plot by an old enemy of (the late) Andrew Pack-
>ard's and brings out the history of the Packard family... You can be
>sure it will not take a conventional turn."
>N. L. Sliker, School of Engineering, Univ. of Kansas

I'll believe it when someone comes up with verification of Yamaguchi-san's
appearance in another play/movie/TV show. Let me start the ball rolling with
some negative information:

- The TV guide listing definitely links Fumio Yamaguchi with the bearded
Mr. Tojimura.

- He's not in the Martin/Porter guide.

- He's not listed in the Maltin guide under any of Kurosawa's films, nor
TORA(3), nor MERRY XMAS, Mr. LAWRENCE (Just a hunch.) This is obviously
not a very exhaustive search, but I think it makes it unlikely that he is
a Japanese citizen. If he exists, he is more likely to be Japanese-American.
(I also checked the credits of every Japanese film at the local RKO. No

- He's not listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica. (No, I wasn't looking for
for the actor--I thought maybe Lynch/Frost would use the name of a famous
or obscure Japanese figure. No listing under Fumio or Yamaguchi)

- Yamaguchi is the name of a province of western Honshu, Japan, as well as
a large city in that province, and a couple of small villages. This, as
far as I can tell, is totally useless information.

- Fumio does not seem to be a geographic name, nor did I run across it
while scanning Japanese movie credits. Can anyone confirm that this
is a Japanese name? It certainly sounds legit (to my Western ear).

This ends my involvment with the mysterious Yamaguchi-san. Perhaps a more
ambitious left-coaster could call SAG, or whatever other actors' unions are
out there, and try to get the name of his agent.

Let's try to stick to facts and not "He is so." "He is not." sorts of
arguments folks. I'm still reeling from the "who was the guy in the
rain?" discussion.
Malcolm Austin --
Disclaimer -- You didn't see this, because I wasn't here. Got it? Good.