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Subject: Re: The ORIGINAL Mysterious Asian Gentleman (Re: Josie did it)
From: (Eugene Kushnirsky)
Date: 1990-10-30, 15:31

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:

>Back when that episode first aired, there was an article posted here that
>came from a newspaper article claiming that that MAG was a detective from
>Hong Kong who was on Josie's trail. Either that article was wrong, or
>Lynch & Frost changed their minds, or his is not the same character as
>Jonathan. It's definitely a different actor, though.

I was the one who posted the article. My source was the TV supplement to the
Philadelphia Inquirer (that's with an 'I', thank you very much). In it, Joan
Chen said that we should watch her character more closely. In particular, she
said that in the season finale a Hong Kong detective would arrive to take her
away. This did not happen. But that's hardly surprising, considering the web
of false rumors surrounding the show. Maybe Lynch and Frost did change their
minds, or maybe this was one of those false scripts we keep hearing about.

By the way, in that article I had developed a thoughtful and extremely
convincing explanation of why Bart Simpson killed Laura Palmer. If I may be
allowed to quote myself, I said:

The letters found under the fingernails of the two victims were 'R' and 'T'.
Any guesses as to what the next letter will be?

And of course when the 'B' was found, there was a rash of young upstarts on
the net, each claiming to have figured it out.

But I knew it with only *two* letters...

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