Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: incontinuity?
From: (Julie A Moran)
Date: 1990-11-01, 21:41

	Here's a possible discontinuity, but I may have missed something, 
	if so, I apologize in advance (so don't blast me!).	
	If Sara was the source/inspiration for the sketch of BOB, which
	is rendered by Hawk from her dream/vision, why isn't Leland
	aware of this? It seems to me that she would certainly tell her
	husband about her vision and he would certainly want to see the
	drawing of his daughter's killer. Why then is the first sight he 
	has of the sketch later with the OAM? Also, if the sketch was 
	drawn before the murder of Jacques, why then did Leland kill
	Jacques? If he saw the sketch, he would know BOB was the killer!