Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: J.B.'s WKLP Thoughts
From: (Tom Chiang)
Date: 1990-11-01, 00:35

In article <39310@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU> (Joe Buck) writes:
> >
> >There's been too much character development to have the solution
> >be that an otherwise normal, random character were possessed by
> >some demon, killed Laura, and has now forgotten all about it.
> >
> >Lynch and Frost seem to have gone to a lot of effort to have
> >the show and the characters make sense on a psychological level --
> >the mental disturbances the characters exhibit, etc.  I think
> >that to find the solution, we need to look at this level, along
> >with the added twist that the dream world is "real" in Twin Peaks,
> >a kind of meatier Jungian collective unconscious.
> >
> >Having Andy be the killer just doesn't seem consistent with
> >this.  There's just no connection with Laura, no "why".  Yes,
> >I know, "why" could be because the ghost of BOB thought it
> >was a cute idea, but I just don't like it.
> >

....joe, i agree w/ your conclusion that andy isn't (or shouldn't be)
the killer....however, you're ideas about leland being molested and
now having a BOB personality are wrong in my opinion....this does not
explain at all the motive for all the murders....according to you, the
murders are the result of leland being molested more than 40 years ago
and leland waited until now to start, this doesn't
fit in with the ritual at the traincar or the OAM's speech in coop's
dream....i am still sticking to my BLACK MAGIC theory (posted a couple
of days ago) which explains the traincar scene and motive for the
murders....however, if indeed BOB does require a human host and acted
thru someone, then it makes sense that it would be leland since many
clues point to him and he makes infinitely more sense than andy et
al....but BOB is the ultimate cause, while leland is merely an
instrument used by BOB....

console cowboy