Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Andy is no Wiseguy
From: (Mark Vita)
Date: 1990-11-02, 10:50
Reply-to: (Mark Vita)

In article <> (Scott the Great) writes:
> >Personally, I think the idea of Andy as BOB is a real cop-out.  Did anyone
> >catch the last few episodes of Wiseguy about the small town in Washington
> >being run by a horror movie buff into Mr. Sardonicus?
Yeah, and in Wiseguy, this character's name was "Volchek".  Note that
the principal of Twin Peaks High was named "Wolchek".

> >The deputy sheriff turned out to be a serial killer ...
Actually, in the Wiseguy arc, it was the sheriff ("Stem"), not a
deputy sheriff, who turned out to be killer.  Hence, this would be
support for "Truman did it" rather than "Andy did it".

By the way, does anyone know the history behind this Twin
Peaks-influenced Wiseguy arc?  Are some of the Wiseguy
producers/writers buddies with Lynch/Frost et al?  I assume that since
the Wiseguy story was broadcast first that the creators must had
advanced access to the Twin Peaks storyline.


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