Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: biblical references to the one-armed man
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-02, 10:25

In article <655@kaos.MATH.UCLA.EDU> (William Sherman)
> >In article <> horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (A NEW User) writes:
> >Horny, I'm surprised at you.  The tattoo said "Fire walk with me", and
> >I think you know that.  You're one of the a.t.t-p pro's... I would
> >have expected such an error from that Weiner schmuck, but you're
> >better than that.
> >If that "NEW User" disclaimer means that somebody new was borrowing
> >horny's account, then perhaps horny should brief them on the basics
> >of Twin Peaks Lore.

hehe..  You are right that the tattoo says "fire, walk with me", not "BOB".
You are also right that someone else wrote that, not me.  

Actually we still don't know for sure what the tattoo said.  Maybe the 
arm will turn up with a letter under the fingernail.  eewww.  Sorry.  :)
I really don't think it said "Mom" as Mike Gerard claims though.
As I said before I don't buy much of what he said during his interrogation.

I'm not an pro, you must be thinking of the fellow
who *insists* that Truman did it.  Actually I thought the most astute
poster to date was the guy who posted a multiple page scathing and
viscious flame of someone who said that "down" didn't necessarily mean
south.  That was the most noteworthy and informative post I have seen
in a long time.  I hope we see more discussion of this nature on this
very fascinating twin peaks topic.

> >[missspellling]
Sorry about using "tatoo" instead of "tattoo".  I usually am pretty
good with spelling.

> >New observation:  I know that the 'Bang Bang' was a great, picturesque
> >choice of where to hold Circuit Court, but why didn't they use that
> >Town Hall room where Cooper originally introduced himself the the
> >town?  Maybe Sternwood just likes having strange foamy indigo drinks
> >on tap for the judicial process.  What with the Valhalla reference,
> >I was expecting him to call for ale or mead instead of liquor.
> >Either that, or start chanting 'Spam'.  Sorry, wrong TV show.

HAhAHhA hAHHAha hAHHAhAHA hAHHAhhahahah hahahahaha  HAHAHAhAHhAHAA
HAHAHaH hAHAHahHAhahahahhahaha HAHAHhahahahah hAHHahahahahHAHAhahahah
I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't seen that Monty Python skit.

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