Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: County Sheriff? (was: 3 cops / 51,000 folks.?)
From: (William Sherman)
Date: 1990-11-02, 12:38
Reply-to: (William Sherman)

In article (Brian L. Kahn) writes:
> >
> >Twin Peaks is a city, right?  Incorporated and all that?  I don't know
> >about Washington state, but I thought the general naming convention
> >was SHERIFF and DEPUTYs work for the county, cities have CHIEF or
> >CAPTAIN and OFFICERs.  Hey, maybe the county handles all the Bizarre
> >and Brutal Slayings, and the team we see all the time is the BBS squad.

But that wouldn't make any difference.  The Sheriff's office, a county
facility, could just happen to be located in a city.  Where's the
problem?  In fact, if the Sheriff's office is in TP, and considering
the overwhelming population, maybe TP is the county seat.  What's to
say it's not a city?

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