Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Fleshworld & the Letter "B"
From: (Kevin Skoglund)
Date: 1990-11-02, 12:28
Reply-to: skoglun1@husc9.UUCP (Kevin Skoglund)

I am new to the net but, since I am a Peak-freak, I have fallen in love with
this  I am still about 300 articles short of finishing the 
current postings; however, several things have already come to mind.
	1.  The letter 'B' can be traced to a specific issue of Fleshworld.
	    The print and paper may be similar to other magazines, but
	    by looking at the other side of the letter it is possible to tell
	    it's origin.  For example, perhaps the 'B' had half of a letter 'r'
	    and half of a letter 'e' on a blue background in a unique typeface.

	2.  My initial feeling is that, after seeing last week's episode,
	    the owl that was watching Cooper and Harry before they entered OEJ's	    was Hawk.  He seemed to appear out of nowhere later and do you
	    recall his conversation with Coop about his animal spirit?
	3.  Parenthetical note:  I began looking for symbolism from the first   	    episode on.  If you have a VCR, go back and watch for the instances
	    where a red light is featured. (Stop light, light on Roadhouse, OEJ,	    (perhaps even the red lens of Jacoby's glasses), etc.)  To me the 
	    color red has been repeated in the clues that have been getting     	    closer to LP's killer.  Just a thought, let me know what you think.

	4.  Also, has everyone forgotten Jacoby?  I missed one episode so I may
	    be missing something.