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Subject: Re: TP Halloween Costumes
From: mojo@netcom.UUCP (Morris Jones)
Date: 1990-11-02, 13:00
Newsgroups: (Rick McCarty) writes:
> >What TP costumes did others encounter/wear?

My wife and I held a Twin Peaks Halloween party on the 27th.  We had a
great time, and a fair turnout.  We had a couple of Agent Coopers, a very
good log lady, some excellent Sheriff Trumans, a Jacques Renault, a Blackie,
an Audrey, a Jean Renault ... you get the picture.  My wife was Laura Palmer,
wearing white makeup, a blonde wig, and wrapped in plastic (over sweats).
I did Dr. Jacoby, with red and blue glasses, a hawaiian shirt, and a

Downstairs we had the RR diner, with a huge pot of coffee (DAMN fine coffee!),
lots of cherry, apple, and strawberry pie, a table with four dozen donuts
stacked in rows of two high.  Above the donuts we had a bird with red
frosting (blood) dripping down on to the donuts.

Upstairs we set up a casino, and my wife made a sign from a Jack of Spades,
(a one-eyed jack).  We had a blackjack table and a craps table, and handed
out chips.

Outside we made a lovely replica of the "WELCOME to TWIN PEAKS Population
51,201" sign.  On the stereo naturally we had the Twin Peaks music CD.
The mirror of the bathroom said "FIRE, WALK WITH ME" written in red lipstick.

All in all I think it worked very well.


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