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Subject: Re: TP: Owls and Hawks...
From: timr@sco.COM (Bad Hurts Value)
Date: 1990-11-02, 02:22
Reply-to: timr (Stephen King Hawking)

In article <90304.104615OERONND@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu> OERONND@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu writes:
> >The idea that Hawk either IS an owl or is connected to the species in some
> >important way deserves some more comment...

why not the idea that, if connected to a bird, Hawk is a hawk?

> ><...> 
> >The most interesting line of speculation has to do with the fact that Hawk is
> >a North American Indian, presumably of one of the north-west coastal tribes,
> >who are famous for their totemism and, I think, of their veneration of
> >animals. This includes the belief that spirits inhabit animals, that their are
> >good and evil spirits etc. Perhaps Hawk is, or is able to contact these
> >spirits.

yes, you'll probably see at least one owl or hawk (and probably
both) on any substantial totem pole.  the distictive artwork
with the unique stylization of animals can be seen copied all
over the hotel.
but the messages in Northwest Coast totemic art are clear and
explicit only to the members of the tribe and clan who know the
meanings of the "signs." the animals symbolize a mythical or
historic event in the social background of the artist.

we don't know what tribe Hawk's from (why coastal?) or what the
symbols mean to him (and his people).  maybe the deal with the
owls has been going on for an awful long time (has Cooper even
mentioned the owls to Hawk?); maybe not.

> >Perhaps he wants revenge for what white society has done to his (their)
> >land (the trees!!).

Hawk may or may not have some good medicine working for him, but
he's almost certainly a good(TM) guy.  native americans have been
given a bad enough rap from hollywood already--i don't think Lynch
would unleash a covert Earth First! injun on us...

> >This would lend TP a nifty local and political flavor. Timely too, with
> >the Spotted Owl and National Forests debate (Could this really be just a
> >coincidence?)

yes, and a wonderful one at that.

> ><...> 
> >Does anyone out there know anything about coastal indians religions?

how 'bout blood types (just for fun)?

some native americans reveal almost all O (europeans typically run
40-50% O, 30-40% A, 8-12% B, and 1-6% AB) with B nearly absent.
other agglutinators (M, Duffy, Diego, Kidd) are common to natives
but not to europeans.

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