Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: UK gets Twin Peaks. Archives of
From: (Michelle L Zafron)
Date: 1990-11-02, 06:29

> >As you may realise we have just had the second episode here in the
> >UK of Twin Peaks, and so we are heavily out of phase with the USA.

> >BTW, in episode 2, when Sarah hugs Donna she superimposes Laura's
> >face on Donna, then when hugging her and looking over her should she
> >sees this guy with long hair crouching (behind a bed?). Is this BOB?

Yes you have seen Killer BOB.  Just who or what Killer BOB is has not
yet been determined.  BTW, you're talking about episode 1 (pilots are not

> >Can somebody send me info on the Secret Diary (author, publisher, etc),
> >I have friend in the US (not far from TP -- Seattle!) who could get me
> >a copy. Does anybody know of any other Tp merchandising (T-shirts, caps etc).

"The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" was written by Jennifer Lynch (Lynch's 22
year old daughter).  I have no idea who published it.  Any T-shirts you see
are probably illegal.  I don't think Lynch and Frost are marketing TP clothing
yet.  There are two cd's out with music from the show.  Julee Cruise's "Floating
Into the Night" and the TP soundtrack.