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Subject: Re: Unanswered Questions - Loose Ends
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-02, 10:04

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> >}} 7. Why did Bobby have no reaction when he saw Maddy dressed as
> >}}    Laura?
> >
> >} He think he had a reaction... He wasn't going to stand up from hiding
> >} and wave his hands shouting "oh my god! oh my god!".
> >} We don't know what was going on his head when he saw that.
> >
> >I don't think he saw "Laura" at all. I think he was too far away to see
> >her clearly. Besides, he was concentrating on James.

I checked this scene just because of your post, Jayembee. :)
He _definately_ saw Maddy as Laura, and definately had a reaction.
He's about 20 feet from her, and spends some time looking at Maddy
as she is walking towards him.  Bobby wasn't concentrating on James 
here as you say, since at this point Jerry just left with Donna on a 
motorcycle to go to Jacoby's.  Bobby's reaction is a stunned gape.  
He intently stares at Maddy for a bit, hesitating to turn his head 
away before running.  If you comment on this paragraph, please include
it in it's entirety.

> >}} 8. Why did the man with the ski mask hit Jacoby?  Wasn't the hitting
> >}}   motion a lot like the infamous CPR motion of BOB?
> >
> >} I think it's Leland. Prior to the beating, James/Maddy/Donna are listening
> >} to one of Laura's Jacoby tapes. If you watch the scene again, the director
> >} implies very strongly that Leland, in the next room, was listening.
> >
> >If you watch the scene again, you'll notice that they were listening to the
> >tape at the Haywards' house, not the Palmers'. Leland was nowhere near when
> >they were listening to the tape. Recall that just before they listen to the
> >tape, Doc Hayward calls to Donna and tells her that he has to go to the
> >hospital [to attend to Jacques].

Oh well.  we're both confused.  He was at the Haywards, but it wasn't the
scene where Doc Hayward calls to Donna to say that he has to go to the 
hospital, that was the scene /after/ they get the tape from Jacoby's.
(they listen to two different tapes, you are thinking of the second listening)

However, just prior to Jacoby's beating, there is a scene of Maddy
leaving the Palmers house.  The entirety of this scene consists of
Maddy tip toeing down the stairs, and Leland sitting in darkness
with a very disturbing demeanor as he hears her leave.
It's interesting how much emphasis the director puts on Leland here,
and that this scene showing Maddy leaving home with Leland observing
this was even shown.  I'm probably making too much of this, but I can't
think of any other plausable suspect.  Who do you think did it?  
Don't be afraid to take wild guesses.

> >}} 9. Why didn't Jacque's patient monitor beep loudly when he was killed?
> >} It did. The fire alarm Leland pulled was going at the same time though.
> >} It's the monitor alarm that prompts Leland to run away.
> >No, what prompts him to run away was the fire alarm being silenced.

You got me here.  It is the fire alarm, not a heart monitor alarm.
The timing of the alarm sound entering Leland's consciousness coincindes
exactly with the heart monitor going flatline, which is why I was confused.

> >}} 12. Was the person in the ski mask who hit Jacoby the same person
> >}}     in the ski mask who shot Agent Cooper?
> >
> >} Nah. I'm pretty convinced that Leland beat Jacoby, but I can't see him
> >} shooting Cooper.
> >
> >No, I don't think Leland beat up Jacoby, but I think he maybe shot Cooper.
> >The man who beat up Jacoby was wearing a blue gabardine coat. Both Leland
> >and the Cooper-shooter were wearing a dark gray or black tweed coat. The
> >only problem is that I don't have a clear cut motive for Leland to shoot
> >Cooper (other than the obvious "He was afraid Cooper would find out too
> >much").

[Mike's hokey mode on, gln has been warned]
Interesting..  If Leland killed Laura, BOB in Leland might want Cooper
dead if he thought Coop was hot on his trail.  I just have to plug
my BOB in Leland theory every chance I get, don't I?  >*dodges tomatos*<
The asian man does seem to have a very peculiar and unexplained interest 
in Cooper though, right?  I do agree with your reasoning that Jean Renault 
shouldn't be a suspect for Coop's shooting... Unless there is something 
very, very strange about him that we don't know about.

> >	"Good thing you guys can't keep a secret."
> >--- jayembee (Jerry Boyajian, DEC, "The Mill", Maynard, MA)

By the way Jerry, who do you think killed Laura?  If you think it's
BOB, do you think he was possessing someone else to do it?  Who?

Michael Kaye   "BOB needs a human hostess cupcake"