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Subject: Re: Unanswered Questions - Loose Ends
From: phillips@tegra.COM (Steve Phillips)
Date: 1990-11-02, 17:55
Reply-to: phillips@io.UUCP (Steve Phillips)

In article <> (Bob Kelley) writes:
> >Man behind tree at first Leo-Bobby-Mike meeting:  I don't know
> >who he is , but I can rule out some people: He has a left arm so
> >he isn't OAM.  He isn't fat, so he isn't Jacques Renault.  He is
> >over 5'10", so he isn't Bernie Renault.  The only ones left are
> >Jean Renault, a possible bankroller for the drugs, or BOB, or Josie's
> >asian co-hort.

My theory: the man behind the tree is the same man who hit Dr.
Jacoby over the head and shot Cooper.  All three men were wearing
the same outfit: overcoat, black gloves, ski mask.

As long as I'm wasting net bandwidth, I'll take a shot at another
frequently-asked question.  In Cooper's dream, Mike's tattoo said
"Fire, Walk with Me."  In his hotel room, Mike told Cooper his
tattoo said "Bob" (or "Mom," depending on your interpretation).

I have listened to that scene many times, and I am convinced
that Mike said "Bob," not "Mom."  Remember, he had just said
before that, "Bob Lydecker's just about my best friend in the
world," so he has a plausible reason to have a "Bob" tattoo.

And no, Andy did not do it... :^)

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