Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: It came to me in a dream...
From: (Muffy Barkocy)
Date: 1990-12-08, 23:49

One thing that struck me while catching up on a week's worth of  We knew a few episodes in (in the dream sequence)
that Cooper had found out who the killer was in a dream.  He then says
all he has to do is decipher the dream and he will find the killer.
There was no trick played on us by the creators/writers.  He didn't
mention anything about standard investigation or deduction, he just said
if he could figure out the things in the dream, he would have solved the
mystery.  I too felt like everything came together too fast in the end,
but I didn't think I was misled.  However, I do wonder why the FBI would
keep a guy on who worked that way; Cooper doesn't really appear to have
done much on his own to solve the case, although he may be some sort of
focus.  I sort of imagine the FBI to be more down-to-earth than that.


Oh yeah...for those who responded to my questions about MIKE, BOB, and
Bob Lydecker...I was wondering about the *future*...having watched the
show, I already knew what had happened in the past.