Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Explain this: How did Laura get that diary page to Mrs. Tremond, huh? Impossible!
From: (Steve Simmons)
Date: 1990-12-08, 08:50

bskendig@bonnet.Princeton.EDU (Brian Kendig) writes:

> >[[ Long discussion of the problems with Lauras secret diary -- to wit,
> >   how could she have given it to Harold a week before and yet still
> >   makes entries the day before she died?  He points out that she could
> >   have dropped by: ]]

> >The _only_ possible way out of this conundrum is by figuring that,
> >well, maybe Laura _did_ stop by and write that one diary entry, and
> >swore Harold not to tell anyone about it.  But that makes absolutely
> >no sense at all.  If you knew you were going to die, would you visit a
> >paranoid shut-in to write a page in your diary that was critically
> >important for a friend of yours to see, then have the paranoid shut-in
> >give that important letter to someone else and promise not to breathe
> >a word about it?  Not.

Several assumptions above are not warranted.  Yes, Laura gave the diary
to Harold for safekeeping.  But what does safekeeping mean?  She's
clearly concerned that someone (BOB) may be reading it.  She is already
going to the trouble to keep two diaries (why? to deliberately mislead
readers of the `public' diary, of course).  It makes good sense to keep
that `real' diary as hidden as possible.  When she thinks the house is
no longer safe, she hides it with Harold.  Not gives it to Harold, not
gives it up -- she hides it there.  When Harold says Laura gave it to
him, he doesn't say why.  `To keep hidden' is as reasonable an
assumption as `she gave it away.'  Safekeeping means she must still be
intending to write in the diary.  She visits Harold regularly on
apparently innocent, so it's both convenient and reasonable for her to
get there regularly.  Harold clearly respects diarists, so it's safely
private with him.  No need to swear secrecy.

Also, it is not safe to assume Harolds later actions were at Lauras
request.  I still think he was host to the boy magician, who may well
have been helping to expose/defeat BOB.  Note too that the false Mrs.
Tremayne and the boy magician were instrumental in pointing Donna at
-- "SO be it! The fate of the UNIVERSE is in your hands!" "Talk about job-related stress."