Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: thoughts on 12/8....
From: (Gary Newell)
Date: 1990-12-09, 12:19

 Just an example of what I see as weak in twin-peaks. At the start
of the last episode, we see what I assume was meant to be a touching
dialogue between Cooper and Mrs. Palmer. But I was unable to buy
into the emotion of the scene because it was clear that it was being used 
to once again pile in the details of the plot. Rather than simply having
a scene in a previous episode showing Leland drugging her, we have to
have cooper sit there and spew out some awkward lines describing (in a 
very unatural way in my opinion) how leland had drugged her etc. Why?
My guess is because they noticed a hole in the storyline - a hole that
could have and should have been explained earlier. It clearly is not a
major part of the mystery and it would have taken nothing away form the
last three episodes to have shown leland taking care of his wife before
bouncing Maddie off the walls.

 Also, I am surprised at the general positive response that this episode
has received on the net so far. I thought that it was one of the
weakest shows yet. The dialogue was pretty sad (the Donna whining was
pathetic and Truman's "cooper is a saint" speech went a bit far for my 
tastes) and aside from the "holiday-like" spread at the funeral, the
images didn't impress me as much. Frankly, I expected to see a number
of "geez - this show is really going downhill fast" postings after this
one - maybe they'll come later.......