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Subject: Re: thoughts on 12/8....
From: mojo@netcom.UUCP (Morris Jones)
Date: 1990-12-09, 23:19
Newsgroups: (David Brightbill) writes:
> >Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the owl shaped shadow on 
> >Catherines face (left side) during her meeting with HST?  It was most
> >visible during the first few seconds of the scene but I also got a 
> >look at it at the end of the scene.

I saw that!  But I thought it was just a smudge.  Was it really

I was struck by how attractive and even sincere Catherine appeared in
that scene.  Piper Laurie really looked nice as a nature girl!  I think
it took ten to fifteen years off her appearance.  So was she really
on the up-and-up?  She certainly didn't admit to bilking Horne while
she was supposedly living on tuna fish.

And kudos to Michael Ontkean as the non-plussed Sheriff Truman.  For
someone who probably wouldn't be surprised to see a ghost now, I think
he played the scene very well.  Nice subtlety.


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