Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who Shot Agent Cooper????!!!!!
From: halcyon! (Richard Barrett)
Date: 1990-12-09, 16:26
Newsgroups: (Ann Hodgins) writes:

> > In article <> (Jim Graffam) wri
>> > >The makers of TP and everbody else has forgotton to address the question of
>> > >Who Shot Agent Cooper!?
>> > >
>> > >I assume that it was Leland/Bob but I find it strange that the question
>> > >has not been raised again.
> >  
> > Surely Cooper saw his assailant since they were standing face to face.
> > Either the trauma of the attack wiped Cooper's short term memory (a common
> > phenomenon in violent attacks) or else Cooper is deliberately keeping the
> > identity of his assailant to himself for reasons of his own. His 
> > relationship with his ex-partner may be the reason.

Sorry to blow your [good] theory, but Cooper said in the season premiere 
that the gunman was wearing a mask.

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