Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More unanswered questions
From: (Special Agent Cooper)
Date: 1990-12-10, 23:06

	There are still alot of unanswered questions that keep bothering me.
What was the blue dye found in Ronette's IV Bag?  Presumably BOB did that
and put the letter under her fingernail.  How did BOB get in there?  As Leland?
How did Leland get past the security guard?  What was the point of it if he  
didn't kill her?
	Maybe I missed this, but what's the deal with the bloody rag that was
found somewhere near the crimescene?  Was this ever fully explained?
	Why did BOB write "FIRE WALK WITH ME" in blood?   And how was Leland  
made to bleed to write this?
	I also wonder what MIKE is doing now.  Was he released?  Is Philip
Gerard back in control now selling shoes?  I think that he would still be
important to future storylines since he is the only person that BOB fears.
	And who the Hell was wearing a vicuna coat?  I'll take a wild guess
and say it was Tojamoura's Japanese assistant who we first saw in that episode.
Catherine may have put him up to it for some reason.

	Some speculation of the future events:
The letter 'E' will be found under Josie's fingernail.  Did anyone else hear 
the 'thumping' sound that usually accompanies the Giant's appearance when she
The cross-dresser is obviously a new character.  Since we have already seen
Lucy's sister I bet it is Andy's brother.  The man being hugged in the frame
has go to be Andy out of uniform.  Proabably wearing a sport jacket for Lucy.

	Also, something interesting I noticed in the 2009 episode.  When the
sprinklers go off we see an above shot of BOB screaming with his arms spread
wide appart, but Leland is still wearing handcuffs!  Usually, in the past
corresponding shots of BOB and Leland lined up pretty well such as the one
where Leland is wearing at the gloves with his hands together when Maddy first
sees him.  I wonder what Ronnette's vision would like with Leland inserted.
Maybe he was wearing handcuffs after all but BOB's arms were free!

-The Disco Strangler