Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Need 12/8 tape
From: (Dan Miller [ext 362])
Date: 1990-12-10, 08:21

"Diane: It is 9:30 pm on Sunday, Dec 9. I have just attempted to replay my
videotape of last night's Twin Peaks. To my great surprise, I have discovered
that my VCR did not activate itself as programmed. I can only conclude that
some malignant force has invaded the mechanism in order to foil my 
investigations. Mike's message seems to echo hauntingly...
			'In the darkness of reruns past
			the viewer longs to see
			the episode of December 8.
			VCR, remain BOB-free!'
Diane, please circulate this message to all special agents. Anyone who can
loan me that tape should reply via e-mail to Dan Miller at 
or applix!miller. I am in the Boston area and could pick up/drop off the tape 
if desired."

- Dan M.