Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: NRA Poster
From: swilson@thetone.Eng.Sun.COM (Scott Wilson)
Date: 1990-12-10, 13:23

I noticed something odd in the 12/8 episode in the scene where Cooper
is saying goodbye to Hawk, Andy, and Lucy.  As Cooper walks into the
hall he passes a bulletin board next to a water cooler that has an NRA
poster in the middle.  That's not the National Rifle Assocation,
though, but a poster for the National Recovery Administration (or was
it the National Relief Agency?), which, if I remember my history (which
is supsect) was a depression-era government agency.  The poster has red
letters that say "NRA member" over a blue eagle clutching something in
its talons with words "we do our part" underneath.  Most of the words
weren't visible on tv, but the poster looked the same as the other
NRA reference I had handy which was the front page of the New York
Times from Oct. 15 1933.*  I wonder what, if any, was the purpose of
this apparent anachronism.

I also noticed that to Lucy's left past the no smoking sign was the
"have you seen this man" poster of Killer Bob.  Given that it was three
days after Leland's death I would think they would have taken it down
by now.  Who knows, maybe they know they'll need it again.

* In case you were wondering, I saw a show on PBS a few weeks
ago about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and checked my copy of
"Page One," reprints of the front pages of the NYT from
1920 on, to see what was there.  I noticed the NRA symbol and
later while watching TP I noticed it again.