Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Random TP theories.
From: (Alexx Kay)
Date: 1990-12-10, 18:39

Theory #1:  Sarah is now BOB.  We know that drugs are useful for keeping
spirits at bay, but Sarah doesn't want any because it's important for
"every part" of her to be at the funeral/wake.  Eke out a little more of
those painful emotions from Leland's death...

Theory #2:  Why do Mr. Eckardt and the Chinese mafia want Ghostwood/the
mill so badly?  My first thought was that something important was buried there,
and that's still a possibility, but I've thought of a better one.  China
is the birthplace of the art of Geomancy, studying the mystical forces assoc-
iated with certain pieces of geography.  Maybe the area around the mill is
of particularly good omen for, say, running a major criminal empire.  Maybe
that's why Ben Horne has been so successful, even though he's a bit of a
jerk :-)

That's all for now,

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