Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Killer Bob goes bowling!!
From: (Aran Guy)
Date: 1990-12-10, 03:30

In article <1990Dec10.053759.15766@portia.Stanford.EDU> spg@portia.Stanford.EDU (Stephen Guthrie) writes:
> >an environmental organization. Anyway, there was a team from ABC there and
> >several of the Twin Peaks cast participated, including Frank Silva (Killer
> >Bob), although he wasn't wearing his trademark denim jacket and his hair
> >was tidier than usual. So not only do we now know that Bob is environmentally
> >concerned, but also that he's a pretty bad bowler (he was averaging in the
> >90's).

 Well, we know his game is really golf and competitive Ballroom
 I can just see a BOB bowling shirt; do we have a favorite Sponsor
for the emblem on the back? (Nissan is too obvious...)
 And can you imagine his style? I don't see him bowling underhanded,
more of a "Send you to Missoula, MONTANA" pitch right down the
 Of course, he would be wearing bowling shoes...with cleats.
 Even with a bad score, he could probably beat MIKE, if Mike
bowls lefthanded.
 The team against him? How about Cooper and Andy!
 Just picture Cooper using Tibetan Technique, while Andy uses
his new self confidence to score strike after strike, no matter
what the condition of his balls.

 Wouldn't it be neat if ABC brought back "Battle of the Network
Stars"? Audrey and Shelley in the swimming competitions, Nadine
as the Track Team, BOB and Leland do Golf, Miguel Ferrer does
commentary and fills in for whatever network needs help.

 Eh! Seven days of straight OWL shift are beginning to get to

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