Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Peggy Lipton on 12/8
From: (Stephen Hutchison)
Date: 1990-12-10, 17:16

In article <18439@netcom.UUCP>, mojo@netcom.UUCP (Morris Jones) writes:
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> > Yes of course ... "M. T. Wentz, c'est moi."
> > 
> > Vivian says, "Don't you think you're overreacting?"  What she really should
> > have said was "Don't you think you're overacting?"
> > 
> > Boy Peggy _stank_ in that scene!
> > 
> > Mojo

We disagree.  Norma's darling mother is clearly one of those diseased psyches
(future bob host) whose ideas of childrearing include controlling every aspect
of the child's life as fits her whim.  Norma failed her by rebelling in the
first place, to open the cafe'.  A lesser person would have punished the
errant child by overt disapproval and anger; not so mommie dearest, who
punishes Norma by using her influence to take away daughter's toy and make her
feel guilty about having wanted it in the first place.

Norma, well trained by her years of this kind of child abuse (theme!), reacts
in just the ineffectual and abject fashion that rewards mommie dearest, giving
her the satisfaction of knowing that the child is failing, as she knew all
along, that the disobedient brat is reacting as she always has, rebelling and
pushing her loving mother away, poor martyred wronged mater... and the child
knows it and is helpless to deal with it and is helpless to act in any other
way.  This is dysfunctional relationship at its most sickening.

Norma, were she strong enough to really deal with ruthless mommie in the
way that mommie deals with her, would, on discovering the deception, have
turned mommie out into the streets, after contacting the tabloids so she
could blow dear mommie's job out of the water.  At very least she would
tell the conniving old biddy (who is going to SUFFER when her dear hubby
blows all her cash) that her sanctimonious twaddle about "not wanting her
to compromise her journalistic ethics by lying" is crapola because she's
already compromised them by reviewing her daughter's restaurant!