Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: thoughts on 12/8....
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-12-10, 17:06

In article <> writes:
> >Questions:
> >1. Are Shelley and Bobby gonna get it...?

I doubt it, at least not until Bobby has dumped Shelley for Audrey,
leaving Shelley to cope with her increasingly active husband. I 
think Shelley has a few screams left in her.

> >2. Was Major Briggs really disintegrated, or was he carried away (oh, come ON)
> >by Great Horned Bob, and why HIM?  He wasn't feeling the fear and vulnerability
> >he had just been describing to Coop....

I think we'll be seeing Major Briggs again. Major Briggs, like the owl,
is not what he seems. At which time I imagine he will need to say a
great many things to perhaps-still-Special-Agent Cooper about owls,
bright lights, and White Lodges.

> >3. How could Cooper have looked up at the owl so naively?

He was communing with Nature. Guys get weird when they do that.

> >4. Was that Bob's silhouette? Sure it was.

Not unless he's put on about four inches and sixty pounds since
leaving Leland.

> >5. What's with Josie?

Just diverting Truman's attention from her previous escapades.

> >6. I agree with some previous poster that Audrey's up to something.

Yes, she's planning on tying Bobby in a knot. She's graduated from
cherry stems.

> >7.  This isn't a question but I really get irritated by Bobby and I wish Leo
> >would wake up already and cream him.

I would expect to see a previously unrevealed, deeply spiritual side
to Leo when he wakes up.

I will tell you seven things. If you find them to be true, then
will you believe me? Give me your earrings. When you find these
things to be true, I will return them, since they clash with my eyes.

You will not require medical attention.

Dave Mack