Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who Shot Agent Cooper????!!!!!
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1990-12-10, 11:32

In article <> (Jim Graffam) writes:
> >The makers of TP and everbody else has forgotton to address the question of
> >Who Shot Agent Cooper!?
> >
> >I assume that it was Leland/Bob but I find it strange that the question
> >has not been raised again.
 It certainly is odd. Cooper is very strangely incurious about who is trying
to kill him. I suppose it could have been one of Leland/BOB's sideline
activities. But Bernie Rohl and I are not fully satisfied with that explanation.
We suspect that Cooper's insane ex-partner is responsible. 
We know that Wyndam Earle escaped form the asylum and that he sent
a strange letter to Cooper with a chess move in it.
I take it that he is playing an insane game with Cooper in sport.
Surely Cooper saw his assailant since they were standing face to face.
Either the trauma of the attack wiped Cooper's short term memory (a common
phenomenon in violent attacks) or else Cooper is deliberately keeping the
identity of his assailant to himself for reasons of his own. His 
relationship with his ex-partner may be the reason.
Wynham Earle would know that Cooper would have to be wearing his bullet
proof vest since that is standard FBI procedure for stakeouts.
Earle may have assumed that his bullets would have no major effects and, 
being nuts, he would not care about the bruises and shock. He did not
know that Cooper had lifted the vest to catch a wood tick. Perhaps 
he told the old night clerk that he should ignore anything strange about
Cooper that night because it was all a prank. Later the night clerk
realized that it was serious and apologized to cooper at the roadhouse.

Why did Earle go mad?  Was he in love with the same woman Cooper was
protecting and fell in love with. Was it in fact Earle who killed her?