Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Trivia
From: jimvons@ashtate (Jim von Schmacht)
Date: 1990-12-10, 10:34

From my wife:

Related trivia (more or less) -

The 12/6 LA Times Food Section had the headline -

"Fire, walk with me" -

an article about Thai food - specifically Isaan - from an area of Thailand
where the food is "hot enough to stun even natives of Bangkok...The summit of
Isaan cooking is the grilled beef thing called sevaronghai, which is reputed
to be hot enough to make a tiger cry."
(quoted without permission)

"Remember what our father oft told us: the ways of heaven and earth are dark
intricate, Puzzled in mazes and perplext with errors, Our understanding traces
'em in vain, lost and bewildered in the fruitless search, Nor sees with how much art the windings run, Nor where the regular confusion ends."
"Cato" (I i 47-53)

Something for the trivially observant:
Channel hopping late at night (guess this means BOB's posessed our remote
control) - found "Psycho". Norman Bates has a large stuffed owl hanging from
the ceiling of his room at the Bates motel.

Make of them what you will.

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