Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Give me plot or give me death! (was Re: Lynch - CRITICISM!!!)
From: daq@hpfcso.HP.COM (Doug Quarnstrom)
Date: 1990-12-11, 07:46

>> >> I KNOW that Gary Newell will disagree with this for his own reasons,

> >Well I guess you KNOW wrong now don't you? 

I guess so.

>> >> but I think that certain episodes of TP approach the zenith of
>> >> what Lynch is capable.  They are, if you will, TV masterpieces.

> > I agree. I thought that most (not all but most) of the FIRST season
> >was extremely strong. Howeve, it seems clear to me that when it came down
> >to trying to put it out week after week, and extend the story past the
> >originally planned line (or are there still people who think that this
> >story has been planned all along?) Frost and Lynch and the rest were
> >unable to do it - the show has become weak in my opinion with only
> >short flashes of what it was or could have been. Perhaps if they tried
> >to break really new ground and go with a once a month episode they could
> >have pulled it off....

Well, I think that we differ here, because I think that on the whol the
best shows have come in the second season.  I know that the supernatural
plotline bugs you a lot, but I kind of like it.  I know that a
'vampire' story would be pretty stupid, but the thing that makes the
Bob plotline so fun is that we know nothing about what he is.  If 
they said he was a vampire then a whole buttload of cliches would
apply: he can't go out in daylight, he can be killed with a stake
through the heart, etc.  But with Bob, we do not know wht the rules
of the game are, and it is kind of fun to ponder.

The ending sequences of the shows lately are really fun.  It is really
nothing more that cheap voyerism and emotional terrorism, but I enjoy

>> >> Please do not flame me Gary.  I don't care diddley dick for Lynch and

> >Why should I? You're not telling anyone to stop posting here, nor are you
> >claiming that Lynch is the second coming....

Well, I did once suggest that you stop watching the show, but only because
you seem to hate it so much.  But I think I do understand the compulsion to
view something you hate and try to point out how bad it is.  I learned 
that several years ago living here in Bronco country.

>> >> Yes, TP has plenty of plot for me.  It moves very slowly, but who cares.

> >The original argument was not that it had no plot but that it didn't
> >handle the plot well. The show has "spurts" of plot in 5-10 minute pieces and
> >then goes long spans with little development or much of anything else
> >besides some interesting (usually) visuals and bizarre dialogue.

Yes, that is the show in a nutshell.  The plotting moves in bursts.  Either
you like it or you don't.  I don't mind it.  I know that once the Bob
plot line ends, I might stop watching, because the show comes dangerously
close to a typical nighttime soap without it.

>> >> I also wisht they would kill James or Donna.  One or the other has
>> >> to go!

> >Bravo. I am amazed at how many people seemed to actually enjoy the scenes
> >with Donna/Maddie/James - perhaps I'm missing something but as far as
> >I can tell - they simply cannot act worth a damn - I mean they *really* stink.

It is not even the acting that gets to me.  It is just the incredibly sappy
scenes and the terminally stupid relationship.  I would like to see
Bob possess both of them so we can see them torture each other to death.

	>	gln