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Subject: Re: It came to me in a dream...
From: joe [Joe Zitt]
Date: 1990-12-11, 12:32
Newsgroups: (Muffy Barkocy) writes:

> > but I didn't think I was misled.  However, I do wonder why the FBI would
> > keep a guy on who worked that way; Cooper doesn't really appear to have
> > done much on his own to solve the case, although he may be some sort of
> > focus.  I sort of imagine the FBI to be more down-to-earth than that.

Not that I would trust the ability of government agencies to do much 
right but... I would guess that the FBI might well keep on hand a person 
who manages to get results, even if they can't figure his detection 

It works with different companies, too. When I was in college, I had a 
job working for a group doing surveys. We quickly discovered that I had a 
knack for looking at a group of about 20 surveys and predicting (based on 
zilch knowledge of statistics) pretty accurately what the results would 
be when they ran the surveys on larger groups, as well as who might be 
expected to falsify their answer, and how, and why. I don't know how it 
works, but I got the results, and they paid me what I thought was an 
exorbitant about for it (well, for a college sophomore, anyway...).

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