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Subject: Re: Re: The Episode to MISS (was Re: TP - 12/8/90 *SPOILERS*)
From: richardh@hpopd.HP.COM (Richard Hancock)
Date: 1990-12-11, 04:20

/ / (Jan D. Wolter) /  7:22 pm  Dec 10, 1990 /

> > Personally, I liked this episode better than any for a long time.  The last
> > two were packed full of revelations.  They explained all sorts of mysteries,
> > from who killed Laura Palmer to who was the Dwarf.  But for me they were just
> > solid anticlimax.  I've never understood why anyone would want to spoil a
> > perfectly good mystery by solving it.

Do we DEFINITELY know who the Dwarf (MFAP?) was/represented? If so, who was he?