Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: White Fox Hair
From: (Dale Schouten)
Date: 1990-12-11, 00:08

In article <>  writes:

>> >>One inconsistency in the clues to Maddie's murderer has me puzzled...
>> >>her body was found with white fox hairs underneath her fingernails.
>> >>Now it was shown that Ben Horne has a stuffed, white fox in his office

> >One explanation could be that Leland pulled some of the hair from this fox and
> >put it into his pocket in one of the scenes earlier in the season.  This still
> >doesn't explain *HOW* this got underneath Maddie's fingernails, but I'm sure
> >that there is a connection.

Presumably the reason LeBOBland took it in the first place was to help frame
Ben Horne for Maddy's death.  I believe he already knew Ben was under suspicion
for Laura's death when he snagged the fur, though I'm not absolutely sure.
In any case he certainly knew it by the time he killed Maddy.  Therefore,
the fur probably got under her fingernails because he put it there.

Dale Schouten