Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP: More INFO on TP 275 (PC) fortune program
From: (-----> Dave)
Date: 1990-12-11, 14:22

Due to overwhelming demand I have decided to post the Twin Peaks version
to  We have received a flood of mail requesting versions.
This mail is over 500% what we expected and I am not sure we can handle
all requests immediately since this is finals week.  

We encourage you to try and FTP it from our site at

I understand there has been some trouble connecting.  Let me explain this a
bit.  Rogue is on a dynamic server since its IP number changes.  This
ftp connection will try to connect to various IP address.  Thus please
keep waiting.  If the first address fails the site will automatically
try the next one.  Only if it fails about 10-15 times is the system down.

Please also get it from if you have access to this board
to lower out load.  We are also looking for somebody to help manage the
quotes list.  If you are a TWIN PEAKS fan and are interested let us know
this could give you a lot of publicity.

Glad everybody is enjoying the program and on behalf of PLAYMAC TECHNOLOGIES
thanks for your support and positive reviews.

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