Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Diane, I find myself confused.
From: (Tiny Bubbles...)
Date: 1990-12-12, 09:06

This whole Diane thing has me baffled (but then, I missed the whole first

After Audrey got the story from Cooper (I hurt someone I loved, and besides
you could land me in jail), I figured Diane was the dead woman.  So he's been
carrying this baggage around ever since then -- in the form of a cassette

But a.t.t-p posters now say Diane will appear, and that an actress has been
named to play her.  So, my questions:

a.  Who's Diane?  Did I miss something important that would tell me who she
    is, or why he keeps dictating to her?

b.  Who's the dead woman?  (I hesitate to call her a "lover.")
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