Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Dropped Plots
From: abbott@mobius.ACA.MCC.COM (Jeff Abbott)
Date: 1990-12-12, 08:22

Two questions for the general contemplation of the newsgroup:

1. Has Bobby ended his feud with James? Bobby planted the coke
in James's Harley in last season's finale, James was held in jail
for a couple of days (mostly, I thought, for his own protection),
and then this whole thing seems to have been dropped. In fact,
in the Roadhouse scene where Bobby and Donna were sad during Maddy's
murder, Bobby and James are BOTH at the Roadhouse, apparently
coexisting in peace. That was about the first time that they had
been in the same space and fists and accusations weren't flying.

2. Guessing from the listing in the Austin paper for next Saturday's
episode, Mike Nelson (Bobby's buddy) will be reentering the storyline.
Last season Mike was not very pleased with James taking Donna away
from him. As far as we know, Mike's done nothing about losing his
girlfriend, or even trying to reconcile with Donna. This doesn't 
really fit in with the "macho-jock" image of the character.

Granted, there are other storylines FAR more interesting to me than
anything concerning Donna and James. However, one of my complaints
with Lynch's style is that he doesn't resolve all his plot lines.
I think it is out of character for Bobby to give up his vendetta
against James (although he certainly has his hands full at the
Johnson Nursing Home :-) ).

Usless prediction: After a normal pregnancy, Lucy gives birth to
twin boys she feels compelled to name "Bob" and "Mike". Andy is
confused by the twin birth and assumes that he and Dick each 
fathered one child. After much thought and deliberation, Lucy
reveals herself to actually be Diane Shapiro, PhD from Brandeis
University, Hawk's girlfriend. Lucy/Diane announces that her
presence in Twin Peaks was merely to gather information for her
post-doctoral work in the sociology of hickdom.

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