Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Jean R.
From: (Jean-Luc H. Park)
Date: 1990-12-12, 15:26

    You want to know why Jean would be interested in a place like OEJ? 
It's simple, we are told that he is a very big player in the Canadian
underworld, thus the sting operation, and the setup.

    His lover is Blackie's sister.

    And finally, in the scene where he shows the tape of Audrey to Ben
Horne, he introduces himself by saying something like "We have already
met.  I sell insurance, to small businesses, such as One-Eyed-Jack's." 
Ben replies with a smile and say "Well, are my premiums about to go up?"

    This can be seen as protection money, and thus Jean would have a
long and mild interest in the affairs of OEJ, also, don't forget the
fact that he is now the new partner of OEJ, thanks to the removal of
Blackie, and the cooperation of Ben.

  I hope that settles it.